Let's begin by mentioning that Armygrid is an online browser game with an easy-to-navigate & intuitive interface.

The gameplay is so straightforward. One year of diverse testing & feedback gatherings has confirmed that all players even from the age of 10 are fully compatible to play. We believe in the universality within gaming, so polishing the gameplay to boost its accessibility - is one of the main priorities.

Armygrid aims to solve numerous problems that you might have encountered previously in the other games.

1. It's quite difficult to find a chess-inspired game that would incorporate features beyond the typical chessboard & figures. But Chess goes way beyond that... It can be perfectly applied to a strategy game, which is the exact thing that Armygrid has done.

2. Among various MMO-RTS games, it's quite unrealistic to deploy armies through the obstacles, directly to the specific target. Well, here's the AG solution: if you want to reach a distant target - you have to destroy other players piece by piece on the way to your desired point.

3. Tower defense is so fun, right? You build up a massive fortress, but it's just for a single session. Would you want a long-term game?

4. Territory expansion looks exciting in close combat. But conquering & securing grid-by-grid is what you will appreciate a lot while playing against other players.

5. Would you like to conquer other players without strict everyday login requirements? No strings attached here, warrior. Everyone has a limited amount of movements that are renewed weekly.

6. AG aims to provide technically easy & very casual gameplay where players can establish an important & long-term impact.

7. Surely, exciting rewards are waiting for you - even when the server expires & restarts. If you can sustain at least 2 months in a game - expect to get many cross-server rewards that can be used in the upcoming servers!

8. Usually, in the MMO games, it's frustrating to leave the server where you have built friendships and obtained rewards - as everything will be abandoned. In AG, you play for 2 months till the server expires & collect worthy rewards. Then you can jump into the freshly launched server or take a break & join whenever you feel like it. Remember, your cross-server awards will stay safely within your account.

This game involves microtransactions. Certain goods are bought only with Credits that can be directly purchased with real currency. Armygrid has only fair & down to earth offers. If you don't want to spend money & still have a valuable in-game experience - we got you. All you need is to be moderately active during server, then you will get plenty of powerful resources that can be traded in Credits among other players!

Enjoy obtaining rare drops? Like... super rare drops? Even the ones that persist through upcoming servers?

Well, hope you are lucky enough to get an Orange Item from defeating enemies! Even the whole server would be notified about it... In fact, there's no way you can purchase an Orange Item with real currency - yup, it's that rare but super worthy. You can trade it & receive an insane amount of Credits or keep the item & start the next server with the most powerful item - it's completely up to you.