What is armygrid?

Armygrid is a chess-based MMO game, where player builds a fortress with walls and towers to survive the black-chess apocalypse. Players play white, and for every players action, a black chess does counter-action to attack players castle. If player survives long enough, stronger chess like Bishop or Queen will be unlocked. Every player has 8 neighbors - other players. Player can decide, to attack them or keep friendly relations. Players get higher gold hourly production by increasing territory. And every single field tile gives gold income. If player decides to attack neighbors, he can conquer more fields and have much bigger gold production. Gold costs to build and upgrade towers, walls, to recruit and upgrade armies. Gold is the only one currency.

Army fights

Every chess in armygrid is a army. Pawns require minimum army of 50 units, Knight - of 500 units, Bishop - 1000, Rook - 2000, Queen - 4000 units. And every chess has also a maximum limit of armies. By surviving the apocalypse long enough, the maximum army limit for chess increases. Armies consists of 4 unit types - swords, pikes, axes and horses. These units have strengths and weakness. Swords are double stronger than axes, axes are double stronger than pikes, pikes are double stronger than horses, and horses are double stronger than swords. When chess attacks other chess, player can see army fight simulation. Army fights have no real-time controls, but only replay. Player can change initial army positions before the fight - so, that units would attack weaker unit types, and win easier. Only the survived units proceed the game.


Players can play chess against other players and get skill points. Chess game is a feature of armygrid - players can play both at the same time, while waiting for opponents move. Chess figure is army, but only of one type. The goal is to destroy kings army or win in time. The rules and movements are the same as in real chess, including pawn-to-queen and castling. After attack, the attacker army usually wins, because attacker does double damage. But if attacker has horses and defender pikes, defender also does double damage. In this scenario attacker and defender are equal in damage. But in army fights scenario, attacker always hits first. And attacker wins by ~10%. After the fight, only the survived army procceeds. So, the attacker chess has left only 10% health. In the next fight this chess is almost useless - can only damage enemy chess by some small amount. This is not only difficult by playing chess, but also difficult to attack the right army - the one which is weaker for that unit type. In basic chess the attacker can destroy as many chess as he wants. But here, the health bar goes down after every fight, and at best play, the attacker can destroy maximum like 3-5 enemy chess with the same figure by attacking damaged or weaker-army having chess. For skill points players can upgrade their armies. Then new players armies are weaker than old players armies. But, if the new player is good in chess, he can find out strategy to win even against 4-times stronger enemy. Skill points can be gained by playing chess, or by playing armygrid - for quests and achievements.