What is armygrid?

Armygrid is a chess-based MMO game, where player builds a fortress with walls and towers to survive the black-chess apocalypse. Players play white, and for every players action, a black chess does counter-action to attack players castle. If player survives long enough, stronger chess like Bishop or Queen will be unlocked. Players get higher gold hourly production by expanding territory. Territory expands by conquering every single field one by one. Gold costs to build and upgrade towers, walls, to recruit and upgrade armies.

Army fights

Every chess has a army inside of it. Pawns require minimum army of 50 units, Knight - of 250 units, Bishop - 500, Rook - 750, Queen - 1000 units. And every chess has also a maximum limit of armies, which can be increased. By surviving the apocalypse long enough, the maximum army limit increases. Armies inside chess consists of 4 unit types - swords, pikes, axes and horses. These units have strengths and weakness. Swords are 4 times stronger than axes, axes are 4 times stronger than pikes, pikes are 4 times stronger than horses, and horses are 4 times stronger than swords. When chess attacks other chess, player can see army fight animations. Army fights have no real-time controls, but only replay. Only the survived units proceed the game.