2018 Oktober 2
Balancing the game..

Adding more main quests to follow

Added movements per day limit, also added max ressource limit. I've been playing many games, and those with daily action limits seem were the right ones. Then i know that i have done everything possible during the day and can do my life things. Otherwise active players will rush too far away and it will be too unbalanced. Now with 250 daily actions i think its enough. Still testing to get the right number for the casual player.

Gonna implement (expensive) upgrades for daily actions and max ressource limits on later updates.

2018 September 10
Tutorial and Chess maps are removed. Chess map maybe some day will come back.

Currently by playing on the global map, there are only 5 tutorial steps. After completing them, player can see the next goals.

Skill point upgrades are moved to King navigation

On the view to claim rewards, now players can change the view from cartesian to isometric and view new design towers and walls.

On the view to claim rewards, now players which uses phones can scale the global map.

Soon there will come more tutorial/tip steps to inform player about every possible feature of the game.

Game speed decreased from 60 to 30. Now every movement takes not anymore 5 seconds, but 10 seconds

2018 September 4
Core game upgrade completed. Took quite long and was really hard. But now all NPCs move at the same second as your pawn. No more lag on high level.

By playing for a few months i see, that it's too easy. Too easy leveling up hero after level 10, too easy king upgrades, too easy to demolish enemy structures. So, after level 10 hero experience is greatly increased. After level 20 hero exp even more increased. As before it was 900k exp for lvl 30, now needs 45m. It feels for me that this should be that number, as later it's very easy to gain exp by killing massive armies and gaining like 50k exp per kill. The same with king upgrades. That was really very fast. King upgrades now are 10 times longer. If before lvl 24 -> 25 (the latest) upgrade took only 2 days, now it will take 20 days. And that seem more fair. As even with newb accounts I was able to upgrade tower defence too quick and demolish high enemy defences too early. That was not very fun, was too easy. And the same with demolishing strucutres. I through best would be to increase structure durabity by 5 times, but increased by 2-3 times. Because now king upgrades take longer.

What I am really happy - that I've hired a really awesome designer and he has already completed the full Tower set (10 levels). With cool animations and very nice looking. Now he is working with Walls. He will make all the assets (including hero items, UX, UI, map elements and everything else) hopefully until Dezember.
The game normally will be isometric - gonna look like 2.5D, in view angle like "Clash of clans" or "Stronghold". Now its in cartesian style - like a chess board. The game will be able to play on both styles.

Hoping to have full finished assets ready after 2019 February and launch a open beta. Then I can create a new presetational Video and attract more players.

Btw, going to remake the tutorial and make it as a side-quest. So players will start in a main area and can try tutorial only if they want. And repeat anytime. Of course, that will increase inactive villages on the main area and make it too easy to spread. But currently this tutorial is pushing away the new players, as they cant see the normal gameplay ASAP.. Gonna brainstorm and hopefully find a solution how to make spreading still interesting while having many inactive players around.

2018 August 21
Until now, all pawns, knights, bishops, rook and queens can demolish enemy buildings. The problem, that when all figures can destroy, even weak players with bishop or rook can fully demolish anyone (including very strong players) if someone is offline.
So, hopefully this will be resolved if only pawns can destroy buildings. Then even weak players could defend against strongest players by killing their pawns, what is easy.
Pawns army size and power depends on total fields count. So, pawns are weak and will be always weak, very slow. But with good strategy also possible to demolish some enemy structures. And would need quite many pawns to move across the huge map to destroy someone - and spread the area. If only pawns can demolish double walls, then spreading will be much more difficult. And hopefully more fun. Because now it's boring when during a day using bishops and rooks anyone can spread their area by 1000 fields. Now you gonna need strategy to first demolish double walls of inactive/weak player using pawns and only then spread the area with faster figures. All knights, bishops, rook, queens still can build everything, just not destroy anymore.

Until now, players are overflooded with so many trash items by killing enemy pawns on main area. So, from now, all NPC under grade 5 have much lower percentage of item drop.
If NPC is greater than grade 4, it will have a huge percentage of drop, like 70%. But if lower than 5, then item drop rate is less than 10%.

Until now, if rook is spawned on main area by reaching the 200th, 400th ..etc movement, the rook best drop was a red item. From now rook can have best orange item drop.

There is a main problem in the late game, that with epic difficulty level NPC moves very slow (looks like laggy). There happends alot of calculations for them. This is going to be a huge fix and it should be finished until September 10th. Then all NPC will move at the same second always with players action and have no more performance problems.